Context runs on PD Vanilla 0.48.1 and above. Information about downloading and installing PD can be found here.

Context 4.0 is now available on the main “Deken” PD repository! This means that you can download it from within PD Vanilla, without any additional installation. In PD, go to Help →Find Externals and search for Context. Select the version which matches your OS and follow the onscreen instructions.

After downloading, you need to declare Context by going to Edit –> Preferences –> Path, selecting New and selecting the main Context folder. This step is necessary if you want Context to run properly.



The developer version of Context, which might be more up to date, is available on Github: You can download and install this if you can’t get the Deken version to work. Once you’ve followed the link, go to “clone or download” in the top-right corner.


Please report any bugs you find at


Context 1.0 is available for download here. It is no longer supported but should still work, only on PD Extended.



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