Context is documented in several different ways.

The Context Manual is the most comprehensive guide to using Context, explaining all of its features. It is available to download here. (The main Context download also contains a copy of the manual.)

The helpfiles folder in the main Context download contains examples and demonstrations, most of which are cross referenced with the manual. (The file context_commands_all.pd contains a complete list of Context’s functions).

A video series of tutorials is available online here. These videos start with the basics and guide new users through everything they need to know about using Context.

Context also has several built-in help features, such as menu-help prompts and the “–help” command.


Working in Pure Data


Context requires a basic knowledge of programming in PD (Pure Data). I can recommend the following online tutorials for learning PD:

Note that some of these manuals are outdated in that they recommend PD Extended (which is now dead). Context requires you to use PD Vanilla.

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